l  PhD & Master


Contact me if you fall into any of the following categories:

1. Keen to solve challenging problems in the area of computer networks and systems.

2. Highly interested in cutting-edge information technologies that have great significance in future industry and application fields.

3. Love the research lifestyle, which means independent study and thinking, paper reading/writing, discussion/seminars, programming, experiments, and travelling all over the world for academic events.


Students with a BS degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering are all encouraged to apply. In general, financial support is guaranteed for accepted students.


My research interests mainly include Internet of Things, Wireless Networks,Ubiquitous & Mobile Computing, andEmbedded Systems. The students admitted into the PhD program will have opportunities to work together with a talented research team at Tsinghua University, with funding support from NSFC, National Key R&D Program of China, etc..


l  Postdoc Researcher


I'm looking for postdoc researchers to work with, with a focus in (but not limited to) the area of Cyber-Physical-Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT). The candidate should have rich hands-on experience and high-quality publication records during his PhD study. The responsibility of the postdoc may include the following items:

1)   Research supervision of PhD and Master students;

2)   Undertake the managing roles in research projects.

3)   Research on CPS/IoT and implementation of real systems.


1)   Basic salary: RMB 50000-70000 per year.

2)   Position/project subsidy: RMB 40000-80000 per year.

3)   Various financial support programs (up to RMB 300,000/year), detailed here:  http://postdoctor.tsinghua.edu.cn/column/zcjh


l  Internship and Undergraduate Thesis Advising


The research in my group is closely related to the industry and application fields. Undergraduate students are welcomed to apply for internship opportunities in my group for independent/collaborative study and thesis advising in the abovementioned research area.


l  Contact


The applicants are strongly encouraged to email me concerning any questions. My contact information is as follows:


Yuan He (Associate Professor)

School of Software and Beijing National Research Centre for Information Science and Technology (BNRist), Tsinghua University

Webpage: http://tns.thss.tsinghua.edu.cn/sun/members/YuanHe/

Email: heyuan@tsinghua.edu.cn