Seminar Schedule

2018 Spring


Presentation Score
03-22 Explicit Channel Coordination via Cross-technology Communication Zihao Yu Done 4.728
03-22 BackDoor:Making Microphones Hear Inaudible Sounds Xipeng Ma Done 4.7
03-29 Glasses for the Third Eye:Improving the Quality of Clinical Data Analysis with Motion Sensor-based Filtering Luyao Chong Done 4.635
03-29 BatTracker:High Precision Infrastructure-free Mobild Device Tracking in Indoor Environments Yao Luo Done 4.459
04-12 RIO:A Rervasive RFID-based Touch Gesture Interface Ting Wang Done 4.387
04-26 FM Backscatter: Enabling Connected Cities and Smart Fabrics Chengkun Jiang Done 4.727
04-26 VideoStorm:Live Video Analytics at Scale with Approximation and Delay-Tolerance Chunya Liu Done 4.626
05-10 Clipper:A Low-Latency Online Prediction Serving System Qilong Zhao Done 4.431
05-10 Stateful Inter-Packert Signal Processing for Wireless Networking Xiuzhen Guo Done 4.776
05-24 Recitation:Rehearsing Wireless Packet Reception in Software Weiguo Wang Done 4.421
05-24 LiquID:A Wireless Liquid IDentifier Junchen Guo Done 4.76
05-31 Splinter:Practical Private Queries on Public Data Haozhen Liu Done 4.632
05-31 On-Demand Deep Model Compression for Mobile Devices:A Usage-Driven Model Selection Framework Xinpeng Zhang Done 4.621
06-07 MoVR:Enabling High-Quality Untethered Virtual Reality Long Liu Done 4.722
06-07 Cutting the Cord:Designing a High-quality Untethered VR System with low Latency Remote Rendering Songzhou Yang Done 4.555
06-14 LiveTag: Sensing Human-Object Interaction through Passive Chipless WIFI Tags Songzhen Yang Done 4.68
06-14 UIWear:Easily Adapting User Interfaces for Wearable Devices Jia Zhang、Jinming Li、Haotian Jiang Done 4.606