Yuan He 何源    PhD, Associate Professor, PhD Supervisor

  • Our paper published in ACM SenSys 2009, named "Canopy closure estimates with greenorbs: Sustainable sensing in the forest", received the Test of Time Award at ACM SenSys 2023.
  • Our recent work on RF Computing for indoor WiFi localization, named "BIFROST: Reinventing WiFi Signals Based on Dispersion Effect for Accurate Indoor Localization", has been accepted by ACM SenSys 2023.
  • Our recent work on RF Computing, named "Leggerio: Analog WiFi Backscatter with Payload Transparency", has been accepted by ACM MobiSys 2023.
  • We have shared a couple of research artifacts and slides of our published papers on the website of our lab.
  • MicNest won the Best Paper Runner Up Award of ACM SenSys 2022!
  • "Cross-Technology Communication for the Internet of Things: A Survey" has been published at ACM CSUR.
  • I have made a MOOC, "Introduction to the Internet of Things", which has been online since Nov. 6, 2020. Use Wechat to swipe the QR-Code to join the course for free!